In the article, Impossible? 3,000 Year-Old Hieroglyphics Depict Modern Day Technology! Markings of the Fallen Angels?, they claim that there are aircraft depicted in 3000-year-old Egypt hieroglyphs:

Decorating an Egyptian temple wall at Abydos are strange hieroglyphs which depict what appears to be modern day aircraft.

enter image description here

Is there a natural explanation for this not involving the supernatural claims of the article (i.e. angels)?

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    Sounds like pareidolia to me.
    – nico
    Mar 1 '14 at 7:14
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    Am I the only one finding it difficult to see much resemblance between the pictured hieroglyphs and aircrafts? Mar 1 '14 at 15:53
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    @Tor-EinarJarnbjo - without too much effort, I can spot 2..possibly a third
    – warren
    Mar 7 '14 at 18:33

A natural explanation is that these hieroglyphs in fact don't look like aircraft to many people and that those that do think they look like aircraft are experiencing pareidolia.

I understand that this is speculative, but it is a speculative question. Other people have also proposed this same explanation. See here, here, and here.

One factor that contributes to the current appearance of the hieroglyphs (regardless of what that appearance is interpreted as) is the palimpsest effect.

Most Egyptologists strongly disagree that these carvings are anything but hieroglyphs. They guess that a recarving took place. Hieroglyphs were carved into the temple's sandstone wall. After some time, for whatever reason, new hieroglyphs were carved, but the hieroglyphs were only partially erased from the sandstone wall. Some of the old characters remained behind the new characters. People viewing the images today think the pictures look like modern modes of transportation. However, any resemblance to today's machines is simply a coincidence.

(From Ancient Astronauts, by Sue L Hamilton. p. 10)

  • We should show these to people who have never seen or heard of an aircraft.
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    Apr 6 '15 at 11:04

Further to Articuno's answer.

This is part of an inscription where one king's name was later overwritten with another's.

enter image description here
from The Abydos-Hieroglyph does NOT depict a Helicopter

enter image description here
From helicopter hieroglyphs explained

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    Great visualization.
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    Mar 2 '14 at 0:35

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are mainly phonetic writing system. A phonetic writing system is like English; the pretty pictures don't mean that's what is being described. Even if the ancient Egyptians saw these things and wrote of them, we would have not realistic looking glyphs but a normal hieroglyphic and thus phonetic description. If you were describing something in a letter, the description would be written and not some writing a out of place drawing then some more writing. The ancient Egyptians were perfectly capable of detailed written accounts.

Read Frauds, Myths and Mysteries by Kenneth Feder, an archeologist, or check out Jason Colavitos's website.

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    Rather than have us all read an entire book or sift through a large blog looking for evidence to support your claims, please give more specific references.
    – Oddthinking
    Apr 4 '15 at 15:19
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    Also, there are at least two holes in your hypothesis. When people write letters, they not infrequently include pictures to better illustrate their topic. Also, if the hieroglyphic characters in a region tend to be commonly understood objects (ankh, owl, etc.) and ufos were common, they might well be incorporated as glyphs. Rather than sharing your own original theories, please quote from some Egyptologist experts.
    – Oddthinking
    Apr 4 '15 at 15:22

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