There is a popular story about Indian field hockey legend, Dhyan Chand, and his encounter with Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Here is one randomly selected version of it:

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler who left midway as he could not bear to see his "racially superior" team being demolished attended the match. Sensing something amiss, Dyan Chand he was ordered to change his stick, but the flow of goals continued. India won the match 8-1 [snip]

Adolf Hitler is said to have left his special box in a huff, after Germany's rout. Next day, he invited him for a meeting. One is that Hitler asked Dhyan Chand what post he held in India. On learning that the hockey wizard was a mere Naik in the Indian army, Hitler offered to make Dhyan Chand a Field Marshal should he decide to live in Germany. Dhyan Chand politely refused, saying that he had a large family to look after in India. Another version is that Hitler called him up at the end of the match and asked him the question, "What will you take to play for Germany?" To this, Dhyan Chand replied, "Nothing sir, India is my India".

Here is one of hundreds of blog posts that tell a similar tale.

Is there any truth to this anecdote at all? Did Hitler leave his box in a huff? Did Chand ever meet or speak to Hitler? Was he offered any posts or asked to stay on in Germany?

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    If you restrict the Google results to German sites and Sites from Germany, you get just about zero results. Might be an Urban Legend that just gathered speed in the larger, and less informed, English community. Proving to absolute certainty that the event did not happen should be impossible, but I think checking some major newspapers for that day (since we do know when it should have hapeened) would further reduce the possibility (or give proof). Next time I am in Leipzig, I might check in the National Library and s – chaosflaws Jan 11 '14 at 12:23
  • I highly doubt it since hitler was known to dislike any sports events that could not be rigged for guaranteed german win. – PlasmaHH Oct 9 '15 at 8:22

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