This video purportedly shows a guitar player, Vahid Iran Shahi, playing the Flight of the Bumblebee at 350 bpm.

As an experienced guitar player, it seems humanly impossible to me to play this fast:

In the background, there's a second hand implying the video is not accelerated, though. Are there any signs of this being a fake?


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The guitarist is Vahid Iran Shahi (or Iranshahi).

He self-describes as the Fastest And Technical Spanish guitarist In The World.

I could find no evidence regarding the reliability of this video and no independent source verifying his claims of being the fastest Spanish guitarist or the specific speeds at which he played in the video.

Others have been verified to play faster than he has claimed in the video, so that should remove your argument from incredulity:

However, without additional evidence, I believe the question of whether this is an unaltered video of Vahid Iranshahi playing at 350bpm is unanswerable at the moment.

  • @IlyaMelamed, I switched to Iranshahi because of his facebook page, but you're right, his youtube page uses two words.. not sure which to use.
    – user5582
    Oct 28, 2013 at 18:36

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