This Vimeo video " DOD VIRUS 'FUNVAX' Vaccine for RELIGIOUS Peoples!!!!!!!" purports to show a government presentation about the deliberate introduction of a virus.

Leaked April 13, 2005 video shows how the Pentagon intends to destroy people’s brains by putting a virus in vaccines used by most of the population.

The virus will act to eliminate the sense of ‘fundamentalism’ from people in war zones such as Afghanistan. The elimination of the so-called God Gene would be achieved by putting the virus in a vaccine that is widely provided to a population, which would ensure a larger reach.

As if disease alone wasn’t a problem, there are powerful people searching for ways to change the way people think and act. A video apparently originated in the Department of Defense (DoD), which is identified with the number 149AZ2 and recorded in room BC282 of the Pentagon shows a speaker relating to a rather small audience the breakthrough in the making of a brain eating virus which will make people permanently passive, by attacking the V-Mat 2 gene.

Is this video staged?

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    Is there any indication that the claim is NOTABLE? (e.g. video view counter showing something above 3 digits)?
    – user5341
    Oct 1, 2013 at 17:50

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This was debunked by Mick West at Debunked: FunVax, Pentagon Briefing on Removing the God Gene

The image in the video at 2:01 (left, labelled "A") uses the same brain MRI as an image in a December 2010 article in Neurology, "A case of confusion and bilateral temporal lesions in a young woman" (right, labelled "B").

The video claims to be from April 13, 2005. But, the image did not exist until 2010.


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