I discovered today that there are a lot of pictures of spiders "wearing" water drops as hats.

enter image description here

(More research: Warning -- Spiders!)

However, I can't find anything related to why they might do this. Is this some beneficial behavior common to some families of spiders? Is this a case of the internet taking a natural occurrence (spiders being rained on) and ascribing a greater meaning to it? Or is it an unnatural occurrence?


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There is no suggestion from the original photographers that spiders place water droplets on their heads. Web pages that re-post these photos don't have any references to support the notion.

There are at least two photographers who stage these photographs.

Consider Dmitriy Yoav Reinshtein whose gallery includes

  • mantis with water droplet "hat"
  • housefly with water droplet "hat"
  • spider with water droplet "hat"
  • spider on flat blue surface with artfully placed water droplets.

This last example shows that the photographer carefully places droplets to stage the photographs.

Another photographer is Uda Dennie who stages pictures with water droplets on the heads of jumping spiders. The droplets in Dennie's photos act as lenses to bring into focus backgrounds that consist of prints of other macro photographs.

These photos are real but highly staged. In particular, water droplets don't stay on the heads of jumping spiders for very long.


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