I have heard that Italian men live with their parents as a racial stereotype joke and from some Italian friends. They say that this is true because they have seen these people in their environments or neighborhood. But really I want to know if there are trustworthy statistics to prove this famous claim.

Here is another one who has asked the question in an interview:

Scott Jagow: In Italy, men stay at home. And by that, I mean they live with their parents. A third of Italian men over 30 still live with mama and papa.

The country's economic minister wants them out of the house. He's proposing a $1,500 tax break for young Italians who rent. But he's taking some serious heat for calling these men "big babies."

Scott Jaglow claims that it is true that many Italian men live with their parents but without giving any exact statistics unless saying "a third"! Is there any research to prove this statistics?

  • Wikipedia article on this phenomenon in Japan, Italy and other places: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parasite_single
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    AFAIK, this is also quite typical in Spain. And Persian Cat is right, it's not a gender neutral thing, it's mostly men.
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The claim is false, because it underestimates the number!

From 25-34 years of age the percent of men living at home with their parents it's not a third, it's nearly 60%:

Yes Source: Eurostat Data Explorer. Note: I moved the Sex combo-box from its original position to be able to crop the image slightly better.

(slightly) More details

The above screenshot is taken from Eurostat Data Explorer. Eurostat is the source for most of the official European statistics. Data Explorer is the web interface you can use to browse them; I took the screenshot by focusing on males from 25 to 34, but you can do whatever analysis you like.

This is the only statistic I've been able to find. It focuses on ages from 18 to 34 and the highest range it allows to select it is "from 25 to 34", so technically speaking I'm not exactly answering the question.

The Eurostat data should have been gathered by Eurofound. Maybe someone will be more lucky (or patient ;-) ) than me and will find something more suitable on their site.

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