I see moderate alcohol shows (supposed) benefits for health and long life. I am 42 and experienced a mid life crisis 4 months ago (initially a nervous breakdown). I am slowly getting better but stil have anxiety bouts. My life is now moving forward including skiing with my son, going out to restaurants, traveling, etc.; all of which I was not able to do the first month after my breakdown. I am doing ALL the right things now but just have small anxiety bouts of spinning thoughts of "when will I get 100% healed":

My life now includes: Eating very healthy. Running on a regular basis. Instead of working on my business 12-15 hours a day/7 days a week, I am working 5 days a week, maybe 6-8 hours a day. Taking all kinds of vitamins/herbs etc. Working with some small Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Meditation. I am going to be seeing a hypnotherapist.

So . . . . I have always enjoyed a regular glass or two of port wine each night for many years. Will this prevent me from getting healed from my nervous breakdown symptoms?



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