Do dolphins rape humans?

Comment on a dolphin-related question:

[I have] no idea if they rescue humans when drowning but I know that there are documented cases of them raping people! (as a side-note)

Beatrice the Biologist: Dolphin Sexual Harassment claims that dolphins sexually harass humans, but they don't rape humans.

Is It True that Dolphins Rape Human Swimmers? doesn't rule it out entirely, but says there isn't any evidence of dolphins raping humans, and claims some of the evidence of dolphins raping humans is suspect.

This isn't about whether dolphins rape dolphins - the latter acknowledges that dolphins do rape other dolphins.

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Dolphins don't rape humans.

Raping a human requires the dolphin to be able to physically subdue a human and taking off the human's clothes the lack of opposable thumbs and hands really make it hard.

They can however "hump" a human and conduct in a way that if was made by another human being would constitute sexual harassment and molestation. Here are two videos as example:

A dolphin with an erection shoving it's snout to a woman's crouch:


A dolphin dry humping a visitor in a water park:


All the claims about dolphins raping humans, seem to be from this source which includes as its sources this picture:

dolphin rape

which is obviously a very bad Photoshop. They also mention Scott Randleston of the Dolphin Research Institute of Boca Raton as a source, the website for the institute doesn't mention Scott Randleston, and searching for his name just brings up this claim repeating.

This behavior is not limited only to humans, or even living creatures, as mentioned In this article by Jean-Pierre Sylvestre:

It's noted in Pilleri et al. (1980) when 3 toninas were kept at Duisburg Zoo in 1978 that the adult male 'Vater' once tried to rub its erect penis against a large brush lying on the tank floor.

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