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Does Do EU countries have the right to close itstheir airspace to a particular plane model?

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Does EU countries have the right to close its airspace to a particular plane model?

According to this article in "el país" España delega en la UE la paralización del nuevo modelo 737 de Boeing, the Spanish government claims that

El Gobierno señala que no tiene competencias para restringir la aeronave [...] España no puede imponer ninguna restricción a aeronaves que disponen de certificado emitido por EASA.

that is

The government points out that it does not have the authority to impose restrictions on this airplane [...] Spain cannot impose any restriction on airplanes that have obtained certification by the EASA (the European Union Aviation Safety Agency).

Further down, the article says that the UK, Germany, France, and other EU countries did close today its airspace for the Boeing 737 Max8.

Do other European countries have more rights than Spain on this issue, did the other countries act against common EU standards, or is the Spanish government making wrong claims?