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Refrigerating, unrefrigerating, and Does re-refrigerating affect the taste of beer?

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Refrigerating, unrefrigerating, and re-refrigerating beer

Some of my college friends like to tell me that refrigerating beer, then taking it out (allowing it to warm up), and re-refrigerating it causes the beer to lose its taste. I've even known some to throw out beer that has gone through this scenario.

I've looked around on the internet a bit, and there doesn't seem to be any real evidence to the claim. I found an article on Beer Advocate, where people seem to agree that:

  1. UV light exposure causes negative effects (only a real problem for bottled beer).
  2. Extreme fluctuations in temperature are generally not good for the beer.
  3. Bottled beers can sometimes re-ferment at higher temperatures, causing over-carbonation.

Nothing conclusive.

My question is: does refrigerating, unrefrigerating, and re-refrigerating beer negatively affect the taste of beer?