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Top new questions this week:

Was the music used in the "You wouldn't steal a car" advertisements pirated?

I was browsing Reddit and I saw this post that garnered 51 thousand votes claiming that the music used in the "You wouldn't steal a car" advertisements was, itself, stolen. According to the ...

music copyright  
asked by PausePause 55 votes
answered by benrg 79 votes

Is listening to lossy audio more tiring than lossless audio?

Multiple posts on Reddit (Ear fatigue and Audio quality, another comment) claim that it is more tiring to listen to music in a lossy format. The same claim is even repeated on the Wikipedia page for ...

biology psychology music  
asked by cdknight 21 votes

Are berries allowed to be sold with 60% "mold count" in the United States?

According to "Scientific Criteria to Ensure Safe Food.", berries are allowed to be sold with 60% mold count: TABLE D-1: Food and Drug Administration Levels of Natural or Unavoidable Defects ...

united-states nutrition fda  
asked by user118161 21 votes
answered by benrg 66 votes

Did China have (or report) zero deaths from Covid-19 in 2021?

This has been asked on medical science SE, but it's probably more suitable here. Worldometers seemingly reports zero deaths from Covid-19 in China in 2021: But the WHO's similar graph tells a ...

covid-19 china  
asked by Fizz 7 votes
answered by quarague 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Did the 2nd Amendment limit the purchase of cannons from the day it was passed?

Joe Biden says in a BBC snippet that the Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people that could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn't buy a cannon....

united-states law guns  
asked by Fizz 53 votes
answered by Barry Harrison 66 votes

Is this what "happiness looks like"?

This gif has been widely distributed on imgur/reddit/twitter/media and it is meant to represent Molecules of the protein myosin drag a ball of endorphins along an active filament into the inner ...

biology video  
asked by Sklivvz 38 votes
answered by Oddthinking 44 votes

Do vote counts for Joe Biden in the 2020 election violate Benford's Law?

Benford's Law is a statistical rule that says that the distribution of digits in real-world numerical datasets tends to follow a specific pattern. It is often used to test whether an election is ...

united-states politics statistics democracy us-elections-2020  
asked by Jacob Hoffman 149 votes
answered by Schwern 438 votes

Is Roberto Nevilis the inventor of homework?

There is a claim that Roberto Nevilis invented homework in 1905 (sic). And it doesn't seem to be a recent meme - there are tons of pics for this meme claiming: The person who invented homework was ...

asked by user3664611 19 votes
answered by Tim 36 votes

Is CPH4 from science fiction movie 'Lucy' real?

In the science-fiction film Lucy, the titular character takes a drug called CPH4 that increases her brain capacity. The writer and director of the film, Luc Besson, claims in several interviews that ...

medical-science biology chemistry pharmaceutical  
asked by svick 37 votes
answered by Vin 8 votes

Does honey with warm water and lemon reduce tummy fat?

There is a common belief that one can reduce tummy fat by drinking honey and lemon juice mixed in warm water the first thing in the morning. This questionable website, for example, makes this claim ...

nutrition weight-loss honey alkaline-diet  
asked by Dheeraj Vepakomma 23 votes
answered by Oddthinking 20 votes

Have more deaths occurred after Covid-19 vaccines than from vaccine injuries in the previous 15 years in total?

Health Impact News claims that many people are dying of COVID-19 vaccine injuries. Side by side comparison of 15 years of recorded vaccine injuries and deaths vs. 4 months of recorded COVID vaccine ...

covid-19 vaccines  
asked by user1721135 45 votes
answered by Fizz 71 votes
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