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Top new questions this week:

Is money being spent globally being reduced by going cashless?

There is a scenario going around the Internet (Google link showing extent of reach) saying the following (with possible slight variations which I haven't spotted yet)... Why should we pay cash ...

economics banking cashless-society  
user avatar asked by Chris Rogers Score of 24
user avatar answered by IMSoP Score of 42

Can we determine for sure if the Sun revolves around the Earth?

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson was the most recent (and final) rebbe of Chabad. In 1975 he published a series of correspondence with a scientist about whether the Sun revolves around the Earth and ...

physics astronomy  
user avatar asked by Benyamin Score of 15
user avatar answered by David Hammen Score of 46

Did Brazilian football fans commit suicide inside the stadium after the loss to Uruguay in 1950?

An oft-repeated claim about the Uruguay v Brazil 1950 World Cup match is that upon the blowing of the final whistle, several Brazilian fans committed suicide inside the stadium. The LA Times says that ...

history statistics suicide football brazil  
user avatar asked by 416E64726577 Score of 9

Did a 1982 Zimbabwean law prohibit jokes about President Canaan Banana’s name?

It is widely reported that a 1982 Zimbabwean statute prohibited jokes about Canaan Banana’s name. I’m not sure that that’s true. Is it? The Economist: As head of state, Mr Banana never really ...

user avatar asked by wolvercote Score of 8

Did Ferdinand Foch say "This is not peace. It is an armistice for twenty years"?

It is often said (e.g. [1], [2]) that, around the time of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Supreme Allied Commander Ferdinand Foch said "This is not peace. It is an armistice for twenty ...

quotes war  
user avatar asked by Dan Sheppard Score of 5

Was Air Force sergeant Jonathan Lovette abducted in 1956 by a UFO and left mutilated?

According to an account carried on the History Channel (note: geo-locked): the Lovette-Cunningham incident, involves an American Air Force sargeant allegedly abducted by a saucer-like aircraft, after ...

user avatar asked by Aaargh Zombies Score of 3
user avatar answered by Showsni Score of 11

Did Alex Jones warn of an attack on the United States by Osama Bin Laden in July of 2001?

I was listening to a podcast by Jordan Klepper in which a conspiracy theory researcher is interviewed, and explains that Alex Jones was responsible for a lot of the 9/11 conspiracy theories as he ...

united-states politics  
user avatar asked by Abel Score of 1
user avatar answered by Joe W Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Did a Jewish prisoner write this quote about God and forgiveness?

According to a number of social media sites, including Reddit: “If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness.” — A phrase that was carved on the walls of a concentration camp cell during ...

history quotes world-war-ii  
user avatar asked by iamgopal Score of 22
user avatar answered by Sklivvz Score of 39

Did the Twitter account Fifndhs predict the exact World Cup results ahead of time?

There was a feeling of exhilaration and excitement on Twitter, with the Twitter account @FifNdhs called “FIFA Corruption” seemingly having predicted the final result of the World Cup final hours ahead ...

sport social-media football  
user avatar asked by George Chalhoub Score of 196
user avatar answered by George Chalhoub Score of 315

Was inflation in the US 0% for July 2022?

A few days ago, President Biden said Today, we received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July — 0% This was contested in conservative media, with Fox News running the headline &...

user avatar asked by BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft Score of 22
user avatar answered by BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft Score of 72

Does Alexandria's Genesis exist?

Supposedly, it's a mutation that gives you purple eyes at puberty, no hair, and for women, fertility without menstruations. Source

user avatar asked by Dante Score of 25
user avatar answered by Oddthinking Score of 59

How many almonds does it take to get cyanide poisoning?

I was at lunch today and the conversation turned to almonds and their cyanide content. One co-worker said almonds contain a lot of cyancide and the number of almonds that can kill you surprisingly low....

nutrition toxicology  
user avatar asked by Coomie Score of 36
user avatar answered by Publius Score of 45

Do the 3 red stars on Washington DC's flag represent 3 city states?

There seems to be an explanation of the meaning of the stars on Washington DC's flag. There are three cities (city-states) across this planet that share striking similarities and play a crucial role ...

user avatar asked by K.judge Score of 15
user avatar answered by Sam I Am Score of 52

Did Charlie Chaplin lose a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest?

I heard this several times, is it really true or just a joke/rumor? The claim is, that "Charlie Chaplin once only came second in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest". source

history charlie-chaplin  
user avatar asked by magnattic Score of 90
user avatar answered by John Lyon Score of 94
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