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Photograph from Memo Ochoa no tiene pensado regresar

His first link had a photo too. Maybe this is photoshoped

Other images of him show the usual number of fingers.

Also The Province reported:

Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa does NOT have six fingers on his right hand.

It's possible that they're all photo-shopped; it's even possible that everything you see on the 'net is filtered/altered by the Illuminati before it reaches you: possible, but not probable, IMO.

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His first link had a photo too. Maybe this is photoshoped. –  William Grobman Jun 18 at 4:15
This answer does need some better sources - maybe something more definitive could be found from this: blogs.theprovince.com/2014/06/17/… –  Colin Pickard Jun 18 at 7:02
or you can show the original image, with just 5 fingers: 1.bp.blogspot.com/_obYKUcLh-dg/Sp8AE_YELsI/AAAAAAAAAAk/… –  woliveirajr Jun 18 at 12:15
It's amazing how one person can photoshop a single photo, and get that many people to believe it. When many other photos point to the contrary. –  Cruncher Jun 18 at 13:12
@Cruncher For reference, I don't actually believe he has six fingers. But one random photo hardly beats another. –  William Grobman Jun 18 at 22:40

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