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Is this 4th grader's creationist quiz real or a hoax?

4th Grader's Quiz about dinosaurs

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Off-topic comments deleted. Please take off-topic discussion to Skeptics Chat. – Sklivvz Jun 11 '14 at 8:18
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Yes, it is real.

According to Snopes and the school is supposedly Blue Ridge Christian academy. There's also a second page linked on the site:

second page of creationist "science" quiz

This is also confirmed by Answers in Genesis, a noted anti-science, pro-creationist website:

Today, we bring your attention to another attack on Christian education. A Christian K–12 school in South Carolina, with dedicated and highly qualified Christian teachers, has come under vicious attack by atheists. Why? Because one of its instructors, a fourth-grade teacher, tested her children about biblical creation, science, and dinosaurs (using AiG resources), and she has become (in)famous on many atheist websites and blogs.

Therefore, it seems that all parties agree on this.

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Off-topic comments deleted. Please take off-topic discussion to Skeptics Chat. – Oddthinking Jun 11 '14 at 6:04
Question+Answer are missing #8-10 in the quiz, so for completeness see:… – DavePhD May 22 '15 at 14:00
Would you consider a minor edit? The people at Answers in Genesis certainly are creationists, that can be easily substantiated, but labeling them "anti-science" seems like a generalization. At the very least, it's worth hearing both sides of the story and allowing even the casual skeptic to decide for themselves: Is Answers in Genesis Anti-Science? – tniles09 Jun 8 at 20:15
@tniles09: With all due respect, I will not do that. They even built a fake museum dedicated to spread lies to children about evolution. I do not respect what they do, nor I find their point of view worth of any more publicity. – Sklivvz Jun 8 at 20:25
@Sklivvz, of course all due respect, it is an unsubstantiated claim, even if you have personal disagreements with them. More importantly, I just don't see what value is added to your answer in saying Answers in Genesis, a noted anti-science, pro-creationist website compared to simply saying Answers in Genesis, a pro-creationist website. Either way, thank you for considering. – tniles09 Jun 8 at 21:12

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