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A popular meme says the teachers in Japan don't have to bow in front of the Emperor and that's because without teachers there would be no emperor.
Since my understanding of the whole bowing system in Japan is that it's not something required by law, but it's just a way to show respect; no one in Japan HAS to bow in front of anyone. So I interpret it to mean "If a teacher does not bow in front of the Emperor, it is not being rude; it's a custom."

Is this a real custom?


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I looked around the Internet with keywords 教師 天皇 辞儀 (teacher, emperor, bow), and there are some blog posts by Japanese people having heard something like that from foreigners and wondering themselves if it was true. Several answers emerged: - it could be a common expression or parable remarking on how respected teachers are in Japan - as per the comment above, it marks teachers as left wing because they refuse to sing the national anthem - it might be true, and the easiest way to get an authoritative answer would be to contact the imperial household agency So a cursor – user29498 Oct 21 '15 at 11:25

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