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Further, the actress playing Valeria had her index finger severed during a fight scene where they inexplicably used a real sword instead of a prop, and then even more inexplicably gave it to an extra instead of a trained stuntman. The random dude parried the actresses' blow, the sword slipped, and off came her finger.


Is it true?

Did Sandahl Bergman lose her index finger? Was it reattached?

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Yes, she nearly lost her finger, but it was fixed. You can hear her describing the injury in this youtube video where she also shows the scar to a fan, who confirms that it is present.

I almost lost my finger [...] The sword slid down and I was holding my sword and it cut this way through. [...] That's why my handwriting is hard, this is the writing finger.

She has all fingers though :-)

enter image description here

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