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Many purveyors of bamboo cutting boards make a point to advertise that the cutting board is made from formaldehyde-free glues.

There seems to be fairly widespread advise to avoid formaldehyde in bamboo cutting boards, such as from the following two examples:

From The Kitchn:

When shopping for a bamboo board, look for ones that use formaldehyde-free glues, such as those from Totally Bamboo or Bambu.

From Pure Health Guide:

Shopping tips: Look for a bamboo cutting boards made with food-grade glue (formaldehyde free)

Is there any credible evidence that there is practical danger from formaldehyde containing glues in bamboo cutting boards? Are they on the market, and are the levels of formaldehyde sufficiently high as to cause dangerous doses of this chemical to migrate into food prepared on the cutting board?

Note: this question is prompted by a question asked over on Seasoned Advice.

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well, formaldehydes are rather toxic. Of course because of that their use in anything related to food preparation is banned in many countries, so encountering a cutting board held together by formaldehyde laced glue in those countries would be extremely unlikely. Marketeers cash in on that by mentioning the toxicity, but not the fact that their competitors aren't using that glue either... – jwenting Jun 4 '13 at 6:01
I'll have to get back to this at a later date - but the answer is no. Your food already contains formaldehyde - most fruits, etc produce it. The liver metabolizes some 22 mg of formaldehyde per minute. Inhalation of formaldehyde isn't good, because it irritates the lining of the lungs. The amounts of formaldehyde released from a cutting board into food shouldn't be that large. – Darwy Sep 6 '13 at 21:55

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